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Poetry and other Writings

Essence of Beauty

Magnetic, electric, eclectic eyes,That shine like frozen diamonds raised by sunlight,Decorated by free-falling hair that parades and cascadesWith the freedom of flight, that will best strikeThose able to see the beauty within,that goes beyond mere… Read More »Essence of Beauty

She Loved Me Once

She loved me once and I threw it awayA love so pure there was plenty to spareAnd yet not enough for me to keepAnd not enough for me to share. Her and I loved in… Read More »She Loved Me Once

Yesterday’s Tomorrow

Unlost yesterday’s lie luxuriously while life flies fast forwardsLovingly lasting in memory, they await instructionFor when they must be ready for repeated viewingsBy the audience comforted by blurred certainty. But what those memories know, as… Read More »Yesterday’s Tomorrow


Amidst the silence, shadows and cloak of secrecy,Amongst the dismayed, disgusted and despairedThere lies a place: unseen, unheard ofBeyond anything, care or repairFilled with haunted, taunted, distorted souls,Who, tortured by the tainted nightCreate their own… Read More »Nightworld

Before the Embryo

Written just before going to university. If everything has a beginning, then my birth as a writer must have been on a stereotypically sunny day about 2 months before my 16th birthday.  It was then that… Read More »Before the Embryo

The Hand of Nature

The cold, transparent, frozen, hand of Winterwith its heavy, shivering, fingersand sharp yet fragile claws,touches all it can see,covering three season’s worth of naturewith its web of glass,and the haunting words it usesconfirms its work… Read More »The Hand of Nature

As the Night Fades…

As the night fades to nothingnessAnd the nothingness fades back to light,I sit alone staring at the skyLay ever infinitely away, ponder what I am thinking. That laying before a heartless horizon I so adoreI… Read More »As the Night Fades…